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Your Facebook Strategy Must Change: Here’s Why

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Content and social media marketing these days is a war for attention, and marketers have pulled every trick in the book to get it. Now Facebook has called them on it, and whether they realize it or not, done them a huge favor.

In this episode of the popular Here’s Why digital marketing video series, Stone Temple’s Mark Traphagen explains why the big Facebook news feed change delivers some powerful and useful lessons for marketers.

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Denver Prophit Jr. says:

Question, Mr. Enge & Mr. Traphagen: Live video gets a ton of interaction.. Many viewers. Is this to say that the videos from the video tab will see less exposure to fan walls? I've seen Google SERP link to a FB page before.

joey madarieta says:

new viewer. cool content. great entertainment value too. but that green screen?? the green halo around a bald head is precious. subscribed.

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Get paid for the tasks you do online