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What is a Robots.txt File? (An Overview for SEO + Key Insight)

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What is a robots.txt file? In this video, John Lincoln gives on overview of the robots.txt file for SEO. Read more about robots.txt files here.

The Newbies Guide to Blocking Content with Robots.txt

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A robots.txt file is a file that lives on your website at The file gives you the ability to block content on a page from Google. While that is true, Google may still decide to index the page. Learn about this and more now.


Mr. King skull says:

I need some helps mate I have error messages to edit your robot.text how to edit it I don’t know because I’m new to google conceal and html,like coding stuffs

Steve Clarke says:

Awesome information Thanks

HM says:

can you explain what you mean by block the portion of the website? does that mean that you can enter the website through google and you will not be able to access that specific portion? or does it mean that that portion or subpage will not show up on google as a search result?

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