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Webinar: Watson Analytics Using Twitter & Weather Data to Improve Marketing Campaigns

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Do you want valuable insights from trending topics in social media as they relate to your products and offers?

What if you could use the weather forecast as input into personalizing product offerings and marketing campaigns?

View this webinar to see how IBM analytics is moving beyond social listening to drive actionable insights that yield business results.

We discuss topics and show techniques related to:

* Utilizing Weather data to determine how temperature and precipitation impact your sales

* Analyzing competitive social media to determine the most responsive product and marketing offers

* Analyzing social media to understand customer sentiment and target specific product offers to customers

You’ll see IBM Watson Analytics in action performing predictive analysis and visual storytelling, which provides you with the ability to identify and explain hidden patterns and relationships in your data, including Twitter and Weather, and accelerate your understanding of why things happen and what’s likely to happen in the future.

Contact LPA today to learn how we can make Watson Analytics for social media work for your business.

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Get paid for the tasks you do online