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We All Want Second Chances: LinkedIn For Good

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All of us want a second chance to make good our mistakes or to do better.

For ex-offenders, a second chance is about getting a job so that they can reintegrate back into the community. But getting a job as an ex-offender is tougher than we think.

There’s something each one of us can do to help. Our employees met and worked with some ex-offenders to help them establish their professional identities and expand their networks. If you believe in giving ex-offenders a second chance, we invite you to join this movement by sharing this post with your network.


Haden Hee says:

how may we connect with ex offenders to employment opportunities that our company has?

patricia ferrini says:

The company must not forget that in the past they used to be giving the knowledge to their employee in order to do the job.

Sometimes we cant find a school which teach us what they need in the company in order to aply to the position requested.

Emperor9992001 says:

I can't seem to connect to my associate Alex Jones from Infowars on LinkedIn. #freespeech

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Get paid for the tasks you do online