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Top 10 Countries with the most debts from 1980-2023 Ranking History

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In this video we rank the countries with the highest dept to GPD Ratio in the world.

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In economics, the debt-to-GDP ratio is the ratio between a country’s government debt (measured in units of currency) and its gross domestic product (GDP) (measured in units of currency per year).



Ionut Grebenisan says:

Motherfucker Sua has the higher dept,Rusia has no dept(at least dont pay it go fmi) SUA has over 45kkkk to pay to China

The AS says:

and here in Indonesia, ppl tend to protest saying that our government had so much debt..

Ciello SB says:

You can't predict when some country will debt

Garlic Soda says:


wait that’s illegal

「HequinoX」 says:

I predict USA first

Vincent Poon says:

Misspelled "Hongkong" as Honkong at 3:49.

Adel Mattar says:

Lol I’m lebaneese were he second most one

Muscovy Mapping says:

Japan: I win!
Rest of the world: WTF we thought you were highly advanced and now this is what you do!?!

Paul de Sarasate says:

Venezuela and sudan will catch up

Paul de Sarasate says:

Omg sudan, syria, ethipoia

Tory9242 says:

You may have to do another column of how many year each country can pay their debt.

Minecraft Steve says:

6:22 song name?

bananagomm says:

came here thinking i'd find indonesia to be on top the whole time.

Elijah Ret says:

What's the song near the end of the video called?

Björn says:

what an eye opener

TraXXXtar says:

the script is leaking O_O

John Patrick Cabantugan says:

hong kong a country?

Intro 127 says:

Why japan has a lot of debt, wherein they are developed and rich country?

Rtfon Da says:

I am 20 yo from greece.. no future. Hmm at least we always smile.

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