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Tips for Buying and Selling on Social Media

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Jim Jim says:

Lady red you have a good personality if you were able to do MetroPCS and other cell phone companies you will have 10,000 subscribers and no time

Jim Jim says:

Buying or selling used items seems like a nightmare I would just go to Slickdeals then find a good deal on a new TV no tax free shipping

Bhirawa Maylana says:

I only have 6 rule that I always follow, give easy plus simple description, polite with your customer, answer the best you can, if you cannot answer apology first and give alternative the best as you can, never upset to them even if they not buy it and never ever overprice your stuff.

TeqWhiz says:

6:39 Could be one of those LG Samsungs… haha

George Hayes Mobile Geezer says:

Some good tips. Thanks.

Jordannn s says:

I feel u on people selling stuff people do not know how to sell right there Not Pacific with their item an the thing i hate most of all is when people try an sell a cracked screen on a galaxy s9 or an Expensive phone for the price of a new one

Tech4YourNeeds says:

I also have been sick this week I’m starting to feel better.

Korey malik Wood says:

You're back

Sebastian says:

I Just Purchase 2 New Cases For My LG STYLO IV Last Week… It's A Marvelous Device… There's No Reason Not To Like It…I Also Purchased A New Case For My MOTOROLA MOTO E5 PLUS…

Sebastian says:

Splendid To See Ur Feeling A Bit Better…

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Get paid for the tasks you do online