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The Role of Social Media in Tourism Marketing

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Social media is huge in tourism, but is it always the best use of your time?

While we all agree that Facebook page is a great way to talk to your customers, but it’s not a substitute for serious marketing. Facebook and it’s clan are great ways to build brand awareness, but where are people going when they are ready to buy?

On Black Friday, IBM did a study and found that only one percent of shoppers on ecommerce sites were coming to those sites from Social Media websites. So, while recommendations from friends are important, at the critical moment, people are not turning to sites like Facebook and Twitter to learn about the product they want to purchase — now.

When it comes to marketing the small tourism based business, we believe that review sites are far more important than standard social media sites. Folks taking vacations are turning to TripAdvisor not Facebook, for information on a hotel. Obviously a bad review from a friend on Facebook would trump good reviews from folks you don’t know on TripAdvisor.

The Role of Social Media in Tourism Marketing

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