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The History of Social Media

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Social media got its start well before everyone was walking around with a smartphone in their pocket. Take a trip through the history of the social networking scene with Techquickie.

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Blackie6246 says:

Interesting video

Jace McMurray says:

3:46 *cough Lil pump *cough

Minecraft Tristan Dove the object thingy says:

Friendster, rhymes with my favourite bot name Botster, the 27th bot in Nebulous.

Tasneem Sakif says:

make a video on diffrent windows activation such as kms,mak, please.

Mo Kiani says:

I definitely forgot about Google+

daveLestrade says:

Facebook teachs you that a good UI/UX can fuck your competition

bhargavchavali says:

How come Orkut didn’t find a mention here?

1MFilms says:

My experience with each…

Friendster = great idea, site was damn slow though

MySpace = user pages were annoying to visit with a hundred customizations each

Facebook = nothing was that "innovative" about it but they made social networking clean and not annoying and have since added innovative features

Linkedin = the social network everyone has but never uses

Twitter = only useful because EVERY celeb and company uses it but I have no desire to tweet or follow my friend's tweets

Google+ = tried it for a week but Google has given us no reason to use it instead of FB

gameflux says:

Interesting !

Lynx says:

What, no mention of Minds or Gab popping up as a reaction to the political censoring of Facebook and Twitter? Oh wait, don't want to get this video demonetized, best not to mention them one way or the other.

Pablo Borges says:

Didn't talk about Orkut?

You know nothing about social media. Ha.

sor3999 says:

Reddit is more like Digg. And their "like button" does a lot more than the stroke the submitters ego and crowd-sources some filtering and moderation on good content. What that good is however is dependent on each subs existing audience.

Sidenet says:


Transpower says:

Originally there were computer bulletin boards…..

deep hazarika says:

What about orkut?

Mara Joyce Lorca says:

IG was also a big name, before being bought by Facebook.

shannon williams says:

soooo , where is HI5

Baron von Quiply says:

Google, plus what, Linus? Don't leave us hanging!

Nabil Chowdhury says:

What about Hi5!!!!

Atakan says:

One of the very first social networking site is a Turkish site, called

marvininer says:

Why did Google+ fail?

Muhammad Umar Ibrahim says:

Orkut was also worth mentioning which u completely ignored.

Michael Richardson says:

It's funny you said something about Google+ I was laughing about how hard that failed just the other day. Coming from a guy who uses a Lumia 950XL 🙁

The Brother Holmes says:

You joked about Google Plus, but you didn't even joke about Orkut.

Mash Rien says:

0 hours, actually. Have been online daily since '95, never had a myspace, facebook or any of the trendy fads.

Cω Tham says:

no eCircle?

Tisane_technologue says:

Amazing no one mentioned 4chins

Hardcoded UT says:

3:49 Hey look, it's lizard boi!

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