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Triple S, ep. 187

Filming with a Canon T4i. Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro.


Social share buttons are very popular for websites, especially with blog content. And for good reason. It really does help the visitor think for a moment about spreading the word on great content they find. But sometime people just download that functionality for their website and never revisit it again.

Big mistake!

There’s so much more you can do to have it work for you and make your life easier AND let you know that your social presence is consistently beneficial. And that’s what I want to talk about on this Social Thursday episode.

Just knowing you need this functionality is the first step, so you’re on the right track. But you have to make sure everything is in place to be optimized as effectively as possible and will help make your life easier in measuring how your content floats around the Internet.

So that’s why I can’t stand it when I find a great post or video and want to share it, and then find that the website host hasn’t set up the social share buttons with their personal social media information. In other words, when I hit the “tweet this” button, the article and link is ready to go but the credit sayd something like “from @sharethis” or “shared with Digg Digg”. In other words, the default credit to the tool creators is still there instead of the information for the content creator.

All due respect to those entities, you do great work. But I want to give credit to the writer or vlogger when I’m sharing a piece of content. Why does this need to be so difficult?!

So then I have to navigate the website and find a link to Twitter so I can then copy and paste the handle into the right place on the tweet and then share it. Why? Because I was YOU, the content creator, to know that I’m on your side.

But I don’t have to do that. And many people don’t. They just tweet it as is or don’t tweet it at all. And you could have tracked every step of that even more easily had you just added your credit.

Look, it’s not like you can’t find out if someone shared it if they didn’t add your social information because you can ( But the point is that they are helping spread the word about you so don’t you want your social entities to be a part of that? People may want to follow you on social and get to know you better before they subscribe to email or hire you/buy your product.

Make the process easier and tailor your social share buttons with your brands information. You’ll be a much happier camper when those tweets come flying in. 🙂


Dilip kumar HM says:

please help to get job

Dilip kumar HM says:

sister im looking for job in india,please help me

Peter sunny says:

Thanku for spending your valuable time and giving information….

Olivia Bishop says:

Wondering if there is an gadget that I may want to use for adding my brand to the end of every pin + post from my blog that people are going to do. Thanks .


lol grate 

Kagarin? says:

Hey, so in the share tab next to about, I lost all my icons for sharing.. Ive been searching everywhere for an idea on why and how to fix this >.<

Any idears? D:
btw youre beautiful XD

Trish Allan says:

Sharing or how to track it?

Trish Allan says:

How can you know who shared? And then connect with them.?? I have a new blog that's getting some shares but I have no idea how to connect with the people doing the share

Amy Landino says:

Yeah. My opinion is it's all jacked up for people who think they found this amazing thing and then don't go into settings to get it ready for proper sharing copy. Definitely see what you're saying.

Amy Landino says:

But aren't I cute when I beg? hahaha Thanks as always!

Amy Landino says:

Hmmmm I may have some thoughts on this. Thanks for the suggestion!

Let's Go Road Trippin says:

Ok, I am talking to you. stop begging. 🙂

I completely agree, as a former web developer, and programmer, I was always aware of those settings that you need to change in the buttons. Glad to see you are making everyone aware that it is a required step in using those buttons.

Have a great weekend!

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