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Social Media Trends 2017: 3 Big Things for Marketers to Watch Out For This Year

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The 3 biggest and most important social media trends in 2017🔥

We all know video marketing is a big one… But what other social media trends should marketers be on the lookout for?

This video covers that and more!

We’d love to hear your thoughts! What’s one prediction you have for the remainder of 2017?

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The Northern One says:

Great video David!

Expert Social says:

Every time I hear 83% I think wow this is a fake statistic. #BarneyStinson

DMart Music says:

Appreciate the info! Excited to record some videos this year!

Startup Cafe Digital says:

Great insights, Brian. What do you think about "Facebook for Work" and job listings on FB. Do you think they can capture some of the market from Slack and LinkedIn?

English withMissroxy says:

thanks for sharing. I follow buffer and love the content.

David Frosdick says:

Great content Brian!! I'm ahead of the trend!! Just have to get more views 🙂

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Get paid for the tasks you do online