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Social Media Marketing Course! Overview and How to Get Started – John Lincoln, Ignite Visibility

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Want to learn social media marketing? Learn it now, in this free social media marketing course. Learn why social media marketing, how to reach your demographic, how to get started and even how you measure your results.

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John Lincoln from Ignite Visibility teaches social media marketing in this course. Watch the first video now.


Noelle Know Well says:

This is a great advice and guidance. This is perfect social media advice for the social media novice

Martin Boyd says:

Great advice John, enjoying these videos mate.

Chris Duke says:

John, I was looking for some advice from a local SD company, however for a social media video produced only 2 mos ago, you lost a lot of credibility for me instantly when you mentioned G+ and not IG at 1:00. I stopped watching when you got to #4 and again, didn't mention IG.

James Minter Author says:

I've got to go back and rework my whole social media approach – thanks, I mean it.

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Get paid for the tasks you do online