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Social Media 101: How to Start a Business Marketing Plan (updated)

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Social media marketing can help your business to increase revenue and achieve a high ROI for marketing efforts. The cost / benefit ratio can often far surpass those of traditional marketing: many tools are free, and have a very wide reach. Social media marketing offers many of the benefits of word-of-mouth advertising, with an exponentially higher ‘share’ rate. Our webinar will describe the ins and outs of social media marketing by examining actual case studies of businesses that have worked with Situated Research. This webinar is part of our ‘Social Media 101’ series.

Topics covered:
– Defining social networking and social media
– How to utilize the power of the most popular social networks
– How to use each social network most effectively
– How to develop a basic marketing plan
– Long-term benefits of participation


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Get paid for the tasks you do online