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SEO Guide for 2018 – What Really Matters For SEO Now

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SEO in 2018 is different than years past. That is why in this SEO guide we cover all the most important items now.

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In this video, we cover the importance of content marketing. Any good SEO guide will recommend content over just about anything else, besides possibly being technically correct. In this SEO guide, we discuss content marketing. You can also learn specifics about it here.

We also discuss the importance of good usability signals and brand signals. If you would like to learn more about why brand signals are important, you can watch this SEO guide video here.

In this SEO guide, you will learn the most important items to really win in SEO in 2018. If you have questions, make sure to leave them below. Also make sure to like and subscribe so we can share this SEO guide with others.


FWA Marketing says:

Thanks for this video. This is an amazing way of teaching the advanced SEO.

Khóa Học Marketing - Vĩnh Thái Marketing says:

Thanks a lot. <3

חיים טרגנו says:

if seo is so much about content and articles and loads of content what should i do with an e-commerce shop ? turn it into a some dumb blog?

Vantage Resources says:

John, just thrilled to have come across your content as I sit here banging my heard off the wall in Ireland!!! 🙂 GREAT!!

Sapid Agency Argentina says:

Thanks for sharing this info!

Michael Wagner says:

I'm not sure I understood your comment about multi-lingual web sites. You said the content has to be unique, but it really isn't going to be. You said hire a translator. But it's a translation, so it's going to say the same things.

Or did I miss the point?

Sourav Basak says:

After looking up information in dusty libraries desktop came. But in the year 2018, mobile search behaviour is the most important player. Mobile search behaviour has been more important than results on a desktop computer today. And will grow in the future. People look for relevant content. In other words, it is the visitor who decides. Then place a relevant message that gets through the right medium at the right audience. Surprise your audience with surprising, fun and visual content.

Think video and pictures. Make sure the visitor experience a unique time. With ease of use, in geek terms are called a good user experience (UX).

Anyways, read the below. This might help.


Sourav Basak

Namaste UI

Seo Ireland says:

Hi John, Always a pleasure looking at your videos, keep up the great work with love from Ireland 🙂


New video SEO Tips:

Carl Thompson says:

Have you tried Contento to offer articles to blogs? It's like DIY PR for brand awareness and quality backlinks.

Social n Addicted says:

Not Clear and Precise

Deano Star says:

Love this video great stuff!

r rinaley says:

Everything help for indexing wisely your website but the only thing that bump my ranking is quality backlinks or authority pbn.
Of course i asked an expert, it's safer and easier, so if you want to find one.. try this one i used, he's serious and work fast :
http://bit. ly/pbnlink

Manish Mishra says:

Is SEO going to be change with technological advancement in artificial intelligence?

Felipe Fernandes Magri says:

Hey, I'm from Brazil and I managed to understand the information even though my English is not good. Good language and good information. Thank you!

khabbas says:

Can bca graduate can learn seo..i m from india

Kiki Agency says:

Lots of info in a short amount of time – love it

Anand Bisht says:

Everyone talking about SEO but not sharing what really the activity

Zhang Samuel says:

Good job. I like it.

Hadi Nugraha says:

Hi there. I need suggestions. I have an old article once it ranked good in Google, i.e at page #1. I got a lot traffic just from this article. But because some ppl done verbatim copy illegally of my article, then the rank now down to page #9.
So now I have created a fresh unique article with same targeting keywords as the old. What should I do with the old one? Should I just put a link on my old article to the new, or redirect the old's url to this new? Or leave the old as it is? And if I have a chance to change the backlinks of the old to this new, is that a good idea? Thanks before.

Suhail Malik says:

Thanks great peace of info.

Sumant Walzade says:

I m a beginner in SEO and wants to learn SEO very well. Can you guide me for the same.

Karlyn Thorton says:

wow, well done

Susan Velez says:

How did you put the translation on the bottom of this video. I need help with my channel

Mallory Lebel says:

Excellent video, yet I'm French but I understood everything thanks to English subtitles. Thank you !

AdarGavriel144 says:

Would you ever consider mentoring if there were an impeccable idea for an SEO website?

Ash Ome says:

Instead of mobile responsive we do adoptive design, it’s really different than responsive design and development, do you think it may help? Right now I’m just staring my first saas, and I’m looking forward to content marketing for that, what’s your thoughts on this ?

Cosmin Ilincuta says:

1. Have a mobile friendly site 0:25
2. A greate user experience 0:57
3. Pump out a ton of content 1:33
4. Think about voice search 2:28
5. Acquire natural links through great content marketing 3:41
6. Make sure your site on HTTPS 4:45
7. Keep working on your click-through rates 4:58
8. Use Schema org 5:31
9. Keep building the size of your brand 5:58
10. Keep a great site structure 6:41
11. Make sure your content is unique 7:48
12. Use Google Sotries 8:29
13. Keep working on your meta descriptions 9:11
14. Use video as part of your content marketing 9:30

5rrt445 says:

Most of this hasn't changed in the last 10 years. I've watch a few SEO videos now and what people aren't talking about is the conflict of SEO and progressive webapps. Content has always been key, however users don't want to see a tonne of textual content on a webapp (but the SE's do). How do you recommend best dealing with this conflict ?

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