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Recruiters SPAMMING LinkedIn

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So, I finally decided to axe myself on Linkedin and have closed my account for good after no longer seeing the value in being on there.

Personally it probably has been hindering my experience in where most recruiters within the last few months have glossed over my advanced experience and tried “service desking” my ass so yeah it’s gone once and for all.

Anyone else experience issues with recruiters undervaluing technical experience and skills? For me, going forward whenever I decide to leave my current employer in the future I plan on utilizing more meetup type of networking events.


yankees gohome says:

Nobody I know uses LinkedIn.

Rey says:

My previous and current employer have come from me using Linkedin. The benefits outweigh the negatives. When I am in the job market I use every tool available.

iSpread Rabies says:

I was contacted numerous times where the person contacting me was trying to get my personal information to steal my identity, couldn't give me a point of contact or references but wanted all my data "to get setup for the job".

Justin Mack says:

Employer-Employee relationships are what is called a "monopsony", and products like linkedin further concentrate employer power and tip the scales in their favor. It's like youtube and facebook: the product is NOT the users or content creators, but the ad-models and algorithms in the background. So that is why when people say "pick yourself up by the bootstraps, work hard and get a better job", they are mostly brainwashed and full of shit. Sure, you can go to college and get buried in debt, to ultimately make about as much money as a factory-working who earns a lot of overtime, but with a monopsony on employment, companies are getting away with murder.

Balls Deep Gaming Community says:

Why are all tech recruiters from India? I'm weary of replying to them for identity theft reasons.

Theiwillsee says:

thanks for the life lessons Eli.

Daniel Budney says:

Flip side of the "Not an Experienced Java Developer" scenario, though … he was the best choice among the people who applied. And you *did* do a tech interview, right? RIGHT?!?

So if you kick the guy out, you've got to go through the whole process, praying you get a better candidate.

Andrew Odiit says:

Awesome video

Chronicles of AJ says:

i use linkedin as a portfolio instead of remaining active on it and every single job i seen posted on linkediin was copy and pasted lol

Balerion says:

I've rarely come across an IT recruiter who knows anything about IT.

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