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REAL Customer Journey Mapping (That Works) – John Lincoln, Ignite Visibility

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Customer journey mapping has been done in so many different ways, people are confused on what it exactly is! In this video, John Lincoln from Ignite Visibility discusses customer journey mapping, how it works and how to set it up for your business. If you are not doing customer journey mapping, you should be.


Imran Shaikh says:

Wow… simply superb… i have been watching quite a lot of videos and trying to understand about each of the UX process stage in detail. So today I was trying to understand more about User Journey. And I should say that you have done a great job in explaining it. Also just wanted to know if the triggers are the same as "motivations" that is part of the user profiles? Or is it different from motivations. Can you please clarify.

Brian Maingi says:

Great information. One quick question though, do you mean a website should have several landing pages for the different traffic channels?

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