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Ranking in Bing vs Google for SEO, What You Need to Know – John Lincoln, Ignite Visibility

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The old debate, Bing vs Google for SEO. In this video, John Lincoln covers Bing Search Engine History, what is the common between Bing and Google and what is different between Bing SEO and Google SEO.

How is Bing SEO Different than Google SEO? (Updated 2018)

Guide to Bing WMT


ZarT says:

Bing Verse Google

craiginzana says:

This is really helpful. I have a client that is dominating Google, but still on page 3 with Bing & Yahoo. His clients are often older, so they likely use the default search engine on their computer which is often one of those two things. (I wonder what your view retention looked like in those first 20 seconds? That intro is abnormally long for this type of video).

C Banks says:

Do I set up the bing webmaster tools before or after I launch my website

Digitalhunny says:

BING SUCKS!!! says:

I am doing well in Bing,Yahoo…but not getting much attention on Google yet.

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Get paid for the tasks you do online