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More YouTube Views: How to get them with Playlists

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You want more YouTube views right? Well, YouTube actually wants to help you with that. The Playlist feature is underrated and over delivers. Learn how to use it to boost your online brand.

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Amy Schmittauer
Vlog Boss Studios
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Triple S, ep. 316

Filming with a Canon T4i (Amazon Affiliate):
Audio with Rode Boom Mic (Amazon Affiliate):
Lighting is natural with assistance from Neewer Led CN-126 Ultra High Power 126 LED (Amazon Affiliate):
Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro.


cory w says:

Yes, +Amy Schmittauer … definitely using the playlist right now. "Beginners Guide to Vlogging". Thanks!

Ichiban Moto says:

Awesome info Amy !

I need to start using playlists , I had no idea it was so easy and beneficial

Knights of the Drunk Watch says:

I am totally gonna start posting videos using playlists! Thanks for the tip!!!

A Clutter-Free Life says:

great video but I can't seem to find the button that will let you share the playlist

sean106alcon says:

If you have some videos in 2 different playlists….. How does that work for the viewer?

MrJunglewhite101 says:

moar vids w/o makeup so ridiculous a pretty face masked with dat bs


Wow great info thanks!

TheTI829 says:

Thanks for the info! and your voice change in the tutorial.

hindiuniversity says:

Thanks for the video:

One question:  At 6:58, how do you create multiple video screen (current & previously)?

HelpMamaRemote says:

Great info! I was working on my playlists last week. Didn't know about that checkbox either. Thanks for sharing.

The True Gamer says:

Make up makes some girls look good LOL

Matthew Santoro says:

I literally JUST organized my videos into playlists. I was hesitant to do so as I felt it looks messy on my channel, but its supposed to increase views like you said, so we'll see how it goes!

Anita Hall says:

Thanks so much Amy. I will definitely put this info to good use.

Pete Peters says:

Only complaint I have about playlists is if I am watching a video and then I am commenting to it as it goes along, when that video ends and a new one automatically starts, ALL my comments to the first video is gone. Irritating. Also, it cheats you out of a comment that could be useful to you – but now – it is gone, Clicking the Play next video to turn it off only works for one video then it comes back on. I want to be able to reply – maybe to each and every one  I watch on the playlist. How can I shut off a playlist so I can comment and then click on the next one I want to see?

iChris Unfiltered says:

It was a great tip from the webinar, but it's even better with this follow up video.


Albert Naranjo says:

Yeah… as a consumer of video, it is very ANNOYING when a content creator shares a playlist link instead of a direct link to the video they are sharing. It actually bothers me so much that if I decide to share that video on Facebook/Twitter, I MANUALLY remove the portion of the URL that makes it a playlist link and ONLY share the video link. When I want to share a video with friends, I only want to share THAT video… because they are probably just as annoyed as me, that another unrelated video starts immediately starts playing.

Robert Jova says:

Sharing is sexy ….. but you need virus protection    Bestie

Brian's Fish Tanks says:

I've been using playlists a lot lately.  I think they are a great tool!  Thanks for the info!

lesliefoundhergrail says:

I wouldn't mind the "recently added video on the bottom of the playlist" thing if there was an automatic loop function? I actually need my most recent videos on the bottom of the playlist for my web series because it's sequential. I've actually seen a lot of web series make that mistake. Having the most recent content certainly looks better on your channel, but your viewers are gonna be left with going backwards. coughLizzieBennetDiariescough

ALSO. Bone to pick with YouTube. There was a time in 2009 where you could subscribe to playlists. Of course they got rid of it in 2009 because, yeah, nobody needed it then. But now, with channels like Geek & Sundry and Nerdist that posts LOADS of different kinds of content daily and potential audiences that just want to be consistently updated on one series, this would be perfect. But since they don't have that feature anymore, I don't subscribe to those channels, especially since I know their loads of content is going to push out my colleagues with a lower subscriber count on my feed. 

Stephanie Wonderlin Carls says:

Love sharing playlists! Allows viewers to find out more about you! Perfect video, girlie!

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