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Marketing for small business: Stick to one social media platform

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Marketing your business? Owner of Ulivo Home Design Lelia shares her tip of using just one social media app, to spend less time posting and more time designing.

#ProductivityHacks by Microsoft 365 brings quick, smart strategies to help you get more done in less time. Industry experts and business owners stop by to offer their best time-saving tips in this video series.

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Alex Garcia says:

Or you could use Microsoft Flow and sign into all your social media apps and post to all of them with one post. Just a thought!

James T Ryder says:

@Farljad I agree. But what I am confused with is did I just hear Microsoft plugging a social media platform? I am watching 'Microsoft 365' and it makes no mention of 'Microsoft or Office? What just happened? Could some patient soul explain this to me? I'm confsued.

Farkhad says:

I would disagree here, it's like having all your money in one bank. You can have your audience growth 3 time fast and more if you have facebook, youtube accounts involved as well, sorry my personal view.

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Get paid for the tasks you do online