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Mammoths resurrected and other thoughts from a futurist | Stewart Brand and Chris Anderson

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Stewart Brand is a futurist, counterculturist and visionary with a very wide-ranging mind. In conversation with TED Curator Chris Anderson, Brand discusses … just about everything: human nature, bringing back the wooly mammoth, geoengineering, rewilding and science as organized skepticism — plus the story of an acid trip on a San Francisco rooftop in the ’60s that sparked a perspective-shifting idea. “The story we’re told is that we’re the next meteor,” Brand says, but “things are capable of getting better.”

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Perky Pat says:

What are the shoes he's wearing?

Julia Set says:

This man paints a bleak picture of the future. There is a whole lot more to think about than whether CO2 makes greener. All those greener plants will not survive drought, extreme weather, too hot, too cold. And his argument about species not going extinct or it doesn’t matter is pure BS. Each species is unique to the entire universe and should be preserved at all cost. Biodiversity is what makes the world go ‘round. And no- I do not want to see mammoth running around destroying the tundra.

tenacious645 says:

Watching at double speed and it still feels slow. Pacing is everything my goodness.

sam says:

2 words ~ Nuclear War! SAD WAY TO GO!!

Joost Cornelissen says:

Western however willing worry external space favor painter expect other star.

leadfoot9x says:

A lot of the most interesting TED videos these days don"t actually have that much to do with their title.

Arturas P says:

old man is talking nonsense, at least what is regarding the amount of the extinct species, it looks like he is not really up to date.

UNIDEN2211 says:

This sounds like bullshit, yep, thinking outside of the box, but I am not convinced in anyway regarding these generalizations.

Charley Edwards says:


Mairi Noir says:

No extinct fish in 50 years? That's just straight up bullshit

Simone says:

Ok since this talk seems to go over the head of most people(at least in the comments..) just take this away from this.
Don't try to change human behavior. Change the environment we live in instead to foster better thinking and less aggression.
Aggressive and fearful tendencies(and yes they are intimately connected) are a tool given to us by evolution, so see to it that we don't need to use it and offer something better instead.

The SideShifter says:

One of the best TED talks I've seen! Thats how critical thinking is supposed to work by the way

Дмитрий Аверьянов says:

Hahahaha 10 they all seem to be afraid of this number. We will reach 9 or 9,5 billion. Wishful thinking. It will cross the number 10 and will go further because there are not only economical, sociological, psychological reasons but dogma of the religion first and no pension for elders second.

Дмитрий Аверьянов says:

Fish will get smaller and smarter to survive. Smaller to get through the net and smarter not to build swarms which a efficient against predators but a weakness against an Alfa predator

Dimetropteryx says:

He doesn't know what he's talking about. A few things stood out:
1. The number of species he cites is not relevant. We don't have enough data on most of the populations to say they are or aren't in danger of going extinct, but based on the ones we DO have data on, we can extrapolate. If a certain percentage of species we have data on is experiencing a collapse, we can reliably say that most likely a comparable percentage among those we don't have enough data on is also experiencing a collapse.
2. Fish species going extinct isn't a matter of faith, but facts. There is a minimum sustainable size of a population and when you go below that, there is no recovery, whether it's because of the impact on the environment or the ability of the species to reproduce.
3. His take on whether or not elephants like snow is a completely nonsensical. He doesn't understand that "like" in this case means ability to thrive in a cold climate, not an elephant's eagerness to make fucking snowballs.

Jeff Bingaman says:

Ooze your way along just muddle your way through. Typical scientific approach to everything.
That's why everything's messed up, science just wants to change everything instead of fix it back to the way it was.
We should clean the planet up, not alter what's here for our own entertainment.
And help stuff that was here before us continue, not just cut it off because it's in our way.
Humans messed up the planet starting a hundreds of thousands of years ago by the diet they chose to become and to rely on.
The human meat eating diet and unstoppable breeding habits is what's messed this planet up.
And the attitude will that's how it's always been so that's the way it's going to stay, doesn't help matters.

The reason they chose meat. It's easier than planting.
And they breed because they don't want to do anything themselves. They want everybody else to do it so they continue to breed to make more people like slaves. So basically breeding is creating slaves.

Two ways to look at something, science says let's do this now because I'm here as opposed how religion says let's slow this down a bit. But they're both wrong because they eat meat and breed.
Well scientist want to breed and some of them that can't created artificial insemination.

He's saying that breeding is going to slow down and then he says we got too much farmland. One guy says this and I guess everybody's going to flock to this one guy so they can rebreed and continue to deforestate.
I hate how everybody will use one person who is just sporadically out there as their basic guide to continue bad habits and support themselves with that opinion.

Here we are coming out of an ice age and he wants to introduce Ice Age animals into this time, this is stupid.
He's probably just trying to get poacher money.
Ivory whores.

He'd probably try to sell himself as the eighth dwarf whose name was stupid. And then try to fit into all their surroundings and call them stupid.
Plants thrive in the same environment and oxygen atmosphere as humans.

Oxygen comes from water. Plants don't make oxygen, they suck up water and then release the oxygen.

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