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Make LinkedIn profile changes without notifying your network (NO YOUTUBE ADS)

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It’s an age-old question: How to make LinkedIn profile changes without notifying your network. Maybe you are getting ready to change jobs and don’t want to tip off your boss by cleaning up your LinkedIn resume, or perhaps there are some changes to your current job description that you don’t want others to notice. Regardless, there’s an easy way to shut off profile updates, and this short video will show you how. Narrated by the publisher of LinkedIn In 30 Minutes.


In 30 Minutes says:

By request, IN 30 MINUTES has created a new version of this video at describing the new process for disabling notifications to your network when you change your profile.

Neo says:

mine looks completely different

Steven Hernandez says:

They have changed the way this can be done and eliminated the sharing profile edits option. Do you know where it is now?

Keith Venable says:

Ian, thank you for this video, however, I believe it is now out of date. The tab entitled "Sharing Profile Edits" does not exist on my privacy page where you indicate it should be. Can you update your video to match to the current version of LInkedIn? Thank you.

al Cap says:

If people in my networks E my changes that's fine but I don't want everyone out there to see my changes is there a way to limit that?

Sam Zhang says:

Skip to 2:13 everyone.

Jay Jone says:

Great video – simplistic.

Technical Recruiter says:

Thanks for sharing such a nice video!

H. Anthony Ribadeneira says:

Thank you sir for sharing. However, I think you missed a very crucial point. Changing this setting like this will cover you for most profile edits EXCEPT your current position. If you edit that completely, it will blast it out to everyone as a new position. However, I know you can edit that position completely as long as you don't change that first letter, until you are ready to alert it to everyone, Of course you can add a new role but you would not be able to set it as "current" if you don't want to alert everyone of the new role.
Could you post a video on this? Thank you!

Andres Lombana says:

They changed it…

nezrock says:

Thank you! I was trying to figure this out.

Houssam Lababidi says:

Hello Ian, Thank you for the video. What do you think would happen if I did the update and then changed the setting to "not share updates". Would the update be still shared?

Becky B says:

Just what I needed to know, short and sweet! Thanks for the descriptive searchable title that was findable and exactly relevant. Just watched a couple other youtubes where people were going on and on showing how to UPLOAD but never explained privacy thing,……. hopefully we all know how to upload, but love that you got straight to the point.. GOOD EDITING!.

Kayvon Ghaffari says:

Skip to 2:07 to get the actual instructions

Kristen Marie says:

Thank you so much! I have been wanting to add my side jobs to LinkedIn, but didn't want the day job bosses to receive notice!

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