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With almost one billion monthly active users, Instagram is officially the second most popular social network behind Facebook (excluding YouTube).

Join MeetEdgar and get excited for our newest feature we are building: INSTAGRAM!

We will chat about how you can, in fact, use Instagram to grow your traffic – and not just your follower count and how to leverage Instagram to bring in more visitors to your top-performing content without spending your budget on advertising.

Start learning tips and tricks at

How to Drive Instagram Traffic to Your Blog Posts (Without Spending a Dollar on Ads)

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Leila Hardy says:

Catching the replay! I can't wait for Meetedgar to launch Insta!! It will be life changing!!

MeetEdgar says:

Slides for the webinar are at

Thanks again for joining live and for being rock stars!

MeetEdgar says:

Thanks for joining today guys! If you are not an Edgar member yet, be sure to snag a free month to test Edgar out when you sign up at using code octopuswebinar18 If ou need any help, let us know at

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Get paid for the tasks you do online