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Inside Zuckerberg’s plan to dominate the world | Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp integration

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Mark Zuckerberg announced a plan to integrate messaging platforms of WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. Behind promises of more convenience and growth is a plan to dominate the world of data and social media.

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All of Facebook’s IT department, thousands of developers, are going to devote the next year or so to merge the backbone of the three platforms into one, so that their users can seamlessly send messages to each other across all three apps.

The job won’t be done until it’s possible for WhatsApp users to send messages to Instagram users even if they don’t have Instagram accounts at all.

Facebook has a long track record of violating and invading users privacy. From opening up access to their data to third party developers and advertisers, through sharing user data without their explicit consent, to tracking non-Facebook users and targeting them with ads.

The move to integrate all three platforms into one seems that much more bizarre, as the integration could open up the ecosystem to even more security vulnerabilities and information manipulation.

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After Burner says:

and the Lord said I KNEW YOU NOT and they went to the lake of FIRE.

xCaptainTJx says:

Should I not use protonmail anymore?

Darell Arocho says:

I only use What's App

Rafael Silva Daniel says:

im very concerned about our today paradymes, we never had these BIGGER than world plataforms, google, facebook, theyre all fighting each other to be your whole internet, in the past we have many people hosting small but focused services, if you had problems with them you could get the fuck out like:

2000, 1990: if you want to share content, maintain a service, you hosted your shit in a server owned by you and did your shit and people would find your any way or another

now: if you want to share content, maintain a service, you create an account in their infrastructure subject yourself to THEIR guidelines and build your business.. then if their arbitraly decide you will fail they sabotage you, doesnt matter how many people rely on your services, they will make you disapear and theres isnt anyone you can look for help

their solution is cheap because the product is us

youtube host videos for anyone for free, but why??? video hosting is the most expensive service in internet, demands vastly large storage space, broad comunications channels, why is free for the user? because the user is the product

Ragnar Lodbrok says:

Zuckerberg is a Jewish name

Kitu Eki says:

What's an alternative to whatsapp?

Kitu Eki says:


Gehrke Santamaria says:

Privacy should be KEY FACTOR

TalenGryphon says:

And this is why every time I listen to Amaranthe's 'Digital World' I picture Mark Fuckerburg, Jack Dorkey, Sundar…Pinchey(?), and Susan Woj-chowsky all dancing around, "appologizing", and dictating with NPC Wojack faces

prince singh says:

The real solution is decentralized application…where user is the master of his own data…

Fish says:

I never have used Facebook, even before I cared about privacy. It’s just not that good to me lol. Same for insta except I have used it a bit.

TransHuman says:

Is there anyone anywhere who wants to talk about what we can do about this other complaining or symbolic voting? There must be legal things we can do that would let a network of tech-savvy people cut the new and old barons out of the loop. Render their form of power obsolete and/or irrelevant. Open source AI? A network of independent drone and 3d printing operators to replace the manufacturing and delivery of goods maybe? Start neighborhood ISPs? Maybe make an app that can fact check facts that are on public record just by listening? Make an app that could list the corporate backers of products or people the phone's camera picks up?

Come on there must be something someone can do.
I would do this stuff myself but I'm still recovering from C-PTSD and I am not an expert any one thing enough to make any of it happen.

P Lewin says:

Just to let you know there a channel on Youtube who's ripping off all your work on his channel and passing it off as his own


Kaim Argonar says:

I have a question unrelated to the video. What are the minimun settings to activate in ublock origin and still use youtube.
So to say a minimalistic youtube.

Ellie Petrova says:

9:13 ?? why?!?

WeShall4ttack says:


Memo Rivera says:

Just subscribed….and here Im gonna stay…good job guys.

Dylan C says:

thank gosh i dont use any form of social media and ive pulled those important to me off it.

keep doing what you do, someone calls you a tinhat? dont care. dont let a term dictated to you by members of society judge and dictate what you can and cannot do. fact of the matter is, someone being a tinhat is better then being a ragdoll to this privacy abuse, whether you have something to hide or not, you should still care and "tinhats" are just the ones who decided to think about things that facebook does everything it can to prevent you from thinking. giving a speech about it even soon.

good luck and keep it up

4G12 says:

This Zuckerberg fellow sounds like the villain of Johnny English 3.

SLAYER says:

Tell me a secure messaging apps for android? secure email apps?

T F says:

End to end encryption but they hold the keys so it's plain text

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