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Impact of Communities on Social Media Marketing

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Communities offer powerful opportunities for businesses to get in front of new audiences. In this show with +David Amerland, +Mark Traphagen, and I, we will discuss key dos and don’ts for leveraging communities to grow your presence online.

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The show will air at 1 PM ET (Boston time) on Tuesday November 11th.  Say YES (or Maybe) to get access to the video for live or later viewing.

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Time Stamps for this show are as follows:
1:28- What’s going on with Matt Cutts?
5:24- Intro to David Amerland and his thoughts on Matt Cutts
7:40- Discussing Bing’s recent changes
16:00- Using communities to get in front of an audience and build trust
20:58- Idea of Us vs Them and creating boundaries
25:35- Do you create boundaries that are permeable?
27:28- Using communities effectively to build reputation and gain SEO benefits
32:05- Benefits of communities are largely long term
38:03- Creating relationships with layers of transparency
41:40- How do you help people move through the four stages of communities? Member, Influence, Integration, and Emotion
44:32- How can we foster a greater connection in larger groups to prevent the “Them” feeling?
46:10- Community activity increasing due to desire to interact with people who have similar interests
50:05- Communities becoming more valuable for brands to be known and engage
55:23- Significance of communities connected to identifiable entities
1:01:25- Role that moderators play in communities
1:05:00- Are communities for customer support and service a good or bad idea?
1:06:49- What about people who do not want to be put into one box?
1:09:28- Do you think Google+ platform will shape us as individuals more than we as individuals use Google+ to shape Google?
1:12:39- Closing remarks from David Amerland
1:13:11- Closing remarks from Mark Traphagen
1:14:25- Closing remarks from Eric Enge


Lenka Koppová says:

Czechoslovakia? Seriously?

Frankie2socks Gainsford says:

cayght the replay… enjoyed thanx to  @Eric Enge @Mark Traphagen  and @David Amerland 

Frankie2socks Gainsford says:

Thanx for a great HOA discussing the issues around communities and social media impacts,  @Mark Traphagen @Eric Enge @David Amerland  #FUFISM  

George McQuade III says:

Nice job. Although technical challenge at the beginning, it was worth the wait. Thanks for sharing valuable insights on #Microsoft #Google   #Google + and #Communities If it feels good do it, but it's nice to hear from the experts that what you are doing is right on target. Thanks +DavidAmerland  and @Mark Traphagen and @David Amerland for sharing your update to the moment tech observations, 2 thumbs up

George McQuade III says:

You talk about hangouts, photos and communities. What about video, which to me seems to be one area and data that GOOGLE appears to shoot higher and immediately online in SEO?
For example (I write for Examiner, Yahoo, Technorati and Linkedin) When I upload videos for each story, I find when I come back to do the story the video has already skyrocketed to the top of any keywords on the story I'm about to write about.

Frankie2socks Gainsford says:

@Mark Traphagen a community stream is only as focused when there is a good moderating team in place that is strict and removes off topic posts and  BANs those who repeatedly post off topic. 

If this is not done a community stream soon becomes polluted and less effective.  

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