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How To Use Google Trends In Digital Marketing & Social Media

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If you own a business website there is a fantastic FREE tool called Google Trends

Free Marketing Tools – Google Trends
Imagine the power of knowing the latest searches on Google. The latest searches within the last 24-hours and what is trending. The Google Trend Tool gives you this information.

As a digital marketing agency, we use the tool in two ways.

How to use the Google Trend Tool
Firstly, a little like Google Correlate, use the tool to find the trends relating to your industry. You can filter these by Country, time (last hour to last 12 years). Within the results, you can click on the “country” which will take the trend down to a city or town level. Remember this is “trend data” and not actual usage. By that, I mean that the searches shown are the ones with the largest increase in trend. As an example, searching for “SEO” and then filtering by “England” shows that hottest trend, up 100%, is searches related to SEO in Winterton-on-Sea (a coastal village in Norfolk – we had to look it up). While SEO London is only trending up 8%. Now, it may be possible that the beautiful, yet small village outside of Great Yarmouth, has ditched the traditional activities of fishing and farming to concentrate on digital marketing and more specifically search engine optimisation, it is more likely that the number of searches for SEO in Winterton-on-Sea has doubled from 1 search to 2, (up 100%) in the last year.

Look for trends in your market and again ensure that rising trend predominately features on your website, paid advertising and are part of your search engine optimisation strategy.

Google Trends has a very useful “comparison” section which allows you to add numerous searches and cross-reference the results. This can be very useful to see which product or service is trending best. As an example “Search Engine Optimisation” versus “Digital Marketing” shows the trend for SEO is up slightly (up 3%), whereas digital marketing is up 77%.

Lastly, look in the results box named “related queries” in there are the actual search terms that are related to your search and rising in trend the most. Especially look for any search terms that are marked as “Breakout” as these are terms that have only recently started to trend, and are likely trending upwards at a great rate. Imagine discovering and owning gold mines, before people understood how valuable gold is? Google Trends “Breakouts” are the digital equivalent.

The second way to use Google Trends is to get relevant and popular topics to post on your social media platforms. Use Google Trend to find general topics to post, comment, provide your view on. At the time of writing, the UK is on the second day of Lent. Could you post a funny, moving, serious or informative post about giving something up for Lent, related to your industry? There is also a trend in the UK around the use of plastic bottles and their disposal. Do you have a product, solution, idea, comment, or question that you could pose on social media? Could this be developed into a press release? Blog post? Google Trends will also show you the websites that are trending for a particular topic – could you add some relevant comment on that website to add to the debate?

Using Google Trends gives you ideas, related to your marketplace for many forms of digital marketing.

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