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How to track Twitter and Facebook clicks using Google Analytics

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In this video Josh outlines how you can How to track Twitter and Facebook clicks using Google Analytics.

He uses palms casino as an example to find the ROI of the most profitable tweet.

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xiaochi chen says:

If the link is redirected to Bitly, the First disadvantage is SEO, Google like directly URL. Secondly, It definitely slows down the loading speed. But anyway, It is a good way to do. For most of the people, it is really simple and easily accessible.

fickle wretched says:

amazing !!!

Maureen Stierli says:

S. Wcwo

MegaKainman says:

i love it when josh gets super nerdy

Sourabh Choudhary says:

Nice Tip…

Media Leaders says:

Very good point Trinsky. Thanks for the tip.

Denise Seah says:

This sounds great! But how do I enable Analytics to read and assess the FB posts with the links that were previously generated by the URL builder? I've tried creating the urls but I currently don't see them under campaigns.

Media Leaders says:

Thanks for all the positive comments!

Anton Gorodetsky says:

Thanks, it's been very useful!

Caroline O says:

The funny thing is that i also read 'The Black Eyed Keys' even before he said it, imagine that!

Trinsky Harkness says:

Thanks for the tips! Several campaigns doesn't measure the sources and mediums off their hits, and this is an important statistic to be considered in media planning. Instead using I suggest to use, Google's own link shortener in order to keep track in just one platform.
One thing the video doesn't say it's you must had activate Google analytics in YOUR landing site BEFORE doing all this stuff… Otherwise you will be creating really long useless links.

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