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How to Plan and Execute Great Startup Marketing Programs – MaRS Best Practices

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April Dunford, Founder, Rocket Launch Marketing, discusses a systems approach to startup marketing. April highlights the importance of understanding the customer buying process, choosing the right marketing tactics and measuring results.

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Vong Lo says:

Great video and awesome job with explanation!

Paul Martin says:

Great presentation by Ms. Dunford. She addresses marketing execution in what should be widely spread knowledge after all of these decades, but nobody but her is talking about it. I was so impressed that I went on her website and put myself on a notification list when her book goes on sale. Waiting to hear what else she has been thinking about.

Carla Ring says:

This was a great video for covering the basics of what great marketing is and is not. Really helped me see some areas I can improve and stuff to just let go of.

llamafan 123 says:

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Lokoo Montana says:

so we just statin the obvious now?


Very interested video and intelligence speaker

Tildah Magoba says:

every aspect of this video is perfect. my partner and I just realized we made a huge mistake with our brand trusting someone who told us social media was the best and only way to market our brand. No, we just realized we did more with word of mouth and events. That is how Zimbabwean markets generally operate. they are loyal to brands so they will tend to spend more on someone they do not know at events

James Johnson says:

awesome video ….very helpful

BroAugDog says:

Anyone know where you can find that operations spreadsheet she mentions 45:27?

arwakatungu says:

Awesome. Learnt a lot

Amin jan afridi says:

Great video.

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Minh Saggers says:

Really great talk! We've transcribed the highlights of it and included it in our blog series:

Zhang Fan says:

great detailed tips.Noted down. Thanks !

Hung Ngo says:

Great stuff … I read alot of books and this is ways better. Thanks April

Pick Up Group says:

She is wrong. Google CAN answer what market you need to be in, you just need to know how to use the search engine… or hire someone who can. rofl


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Ivan Verdian says:

Thank you for uploading the video, it's very informative.
Btw.. I was wandering if any book talk about marketing similar to the presentation? Particularly connecting between the marketing tactic with the buying process?

Pablo Pazos says:

Awesome talk, thanks for sharing.

aziz as says:

great talk. Thank you, MaRS Entrepreneurship Programs.

Flux Capacitor says:

best presentation that i found yet

Seth Macchi says:

any way to get the "operations" spreadsheet template?

Jay Liang says:

April for president

codey b says:

Where can i get the slideshow to this "system"?

Lil Dad aka Mr. Optimus 5 says:

I thought this was better the first time it seemed intelligent and useful but the 3rd time its sub par… presentation…. #RIGHT

Alanna Bluee says:

Really enjoyed this and thanks for all the tips.

Tú Nguyễn says:

Hi everyone, can you help me, i need more information about " buying process" for my presentation, please help me if you know. thanks a lot !

House Music by dattrax says:

Love April Dunford!!

Angelo Stevens says:

Just FYI: Rand Fishkin is a hack. Do not use him as an SEO resource.

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