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How To Get Your First 10,000 Instagram Followers (Without Buying Them), John Lincoln

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How to Get Your First 10,000 Instagram Followers (Without Buying Them)
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Instagram Marketing, the Complete Free Guide (3 Chapters)

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Instagram is the fastest growing social media site on the internet and the largest mobile community online. It is a great way to attract business, build your brand and relationships.

The hard part of Instagram marketing, is knowing where to start and how to build a following. In this video, we cover getting Instagram followers. In a future video, we will discuss engagement. Watch this video now to learn how to get your fist 10,000 Instagram followers. It is one you will want to watch!


Lalu says:

Thank you, very helpful

Mr Yoshi Comedy TV says:

God bless you brother…..

Ebe Mods says:

Already ran up 60k in 3months wow

Etienne Dupuis says:

Great video, but you should get a background music, something really clean and soft, I think it could add alot to your video 🙂

Stevan K says:

No offense, this is a great informative video with solid advice…but I just checked your IG. You don't have a very good ratio, and for 5,000+ followers, why are you getting only 40-70 likes per post? It just doesn't seem very credible.

Norf Shore says:

Vague and general information thumbs down

joie gahum says:

Invest in a tool called hashatory

Salma Nabeh says:

Damn that was good i will do this..

John J. De Bellis says:

Highly unlikely or impossiblee to get 10 k followers in a year if your NEE-SH does't support it

Oskar says:

this was actually really helpful and straightforward lol, was expecting the same old clickbait

The Platform Shop (SEO + Website Design) says:

good work Mr. Ignite

Huckle Thums says:

I disagree with the hashtags , if there are millions of posts yours will list likely get lost and no one will come across it

Royalfront Reviews says:

Ignite Visibility has 5k followers & he said 16k so 11k ran away. Why lie on youtube when anybody can check ur Instagram acc

knrogihsa says:

Nitch, haha

Definite Solutions says:

Its very impressive and straight forward and we are really going to follow these points to grow our instagram account.

Luisa Kertusha says:

thank you for this video

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