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How To Create a Persona – Ignite Visibility, John Lincoln

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There is a lot to know about creating personas. It is very important to content marketing and defining your brand voice.

The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing

How to Define a Brand Voice That Attracts Business

In this video, John Lincoln covers using social media sites, Google Analytics and third party tools to develop personas that can be used for marketing. Learning how to create a persona is the first step.


Ade-Oginni Ousegun says:

How about creating a persona for a business you just want to start

Praise Worship says:

May 10, 2018: Lithium announces that they will be ending the Klout service on May 25, 2018.

Wendysosa says:

Your videos are great! Thank you so much!!!

James Minter Author says:

More great stuff John, so useful…

Junpei's cute butt says:

i want Hermes to be my persona

KILL PRO says:

do you like apple

Anthony Dranfield says:

I have a question, would it be feasible to build up my business on the "Jack Frost" demographic? How about the "Pixie" demo? "King Frost", "Pyro Jack" or perhaps even the "Ghoul" personas? Does that make sense, I'm just going off what my professor said.

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Get paid for the tasks you do online