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How sentiment analysis lets you find out what your customers like (and dislike) | #ChiaExplains

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If you want to find out what your customers like (and dislike!), then you need to run sentiment analysis… but what should you be analyzing – and what exactly does it show you? Learn more inside the video as #ChiaExplains how sentiment analysis lets you find out what your customers like (and dislike)!

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This week, #ChiaExplains how sentiment analysis can let you find out what your customers like (and dislike) about your company & product!

00:25 What is sentiment analysis?
01:00 What does sentiment analysis show us? (positive sentiment)
01:16 How about negative sentiment?
01:51 What should you analyze to find out what your customers like (and dislike)?
02:10 Four ways to get customer feedback + tools
02:16 Method 1: run surveys using tools like SurveyMonkey and SurveyAnyplace
02:52 Method 2: send e-mails using personalization, and share surveys in the e-mail
03:19 Method 3: Ask for customer feedback in person
03:39 Method 4: Monitor online mentions of your company or product (the most laid back and low key way to get customer feedback – one that requires no customer engagement)
04:06 TIP – additional benefit of using method 4 to get customer feedback: sentiment analysis is automatically included (with Brand24)
04:46 A great book & resource for more information on the topic of sentiment analysis (by Professor Bing Liu of the University of Illinois at Chicago, “Sentiment Analysis: Mining Opinions, Sentiments and Emotions”

Creator & Host:; Chia-Luen Lee

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So, just in case anybody’s wondering ‘what is sentiment analysis’ in the first place, let’s start by answering that question. Sentiment analysis is about taking digital text (like customer reviews, threads in discussion forums, on blogs, or social media – things like that) and then classifying it as positive, neutral or negative. It’s a type of emotional artificial intelligence – or Emotion AI – so you can also analyze other feelings like fear, joy or love. But in terms of basic business and e-commerce needs (finding out what your customers like) – it’s enough to focus on positive, neutral and negative sentiment.

So what does sentiment analysis show us? A lot – if you look at the CONTEXT of text with positive sentiment, you can see what customers like about your product, and oftentimes, they’ll also tell you how you can make it better for them – like with more sizes & colors to choose from.

And feedback with negative sentiment is just as valuable! Let’s say a customer has a bad experience with your service and leaves a really negative review for your company, like Mary here on Yelp, where everybody can see. Now, ideally, you’re already tracking your customer reviews, so you’d find out about this as soon as it was posted, and deal with it BEFORE it got over 1500 votes – seriously hurting your brand reputation. You can’t always make a bad review online go away, but the key is to find it before it gets out of hand, and then you can decide how to take action. Like with an apology, maybe a voucher, and in some cases, a strong defense.

Basically, sentiment analysis is exactly what you need to help you find out what your customers like and dislike. But unless you’re doing general market research, then first you need to have something specific to analyze. And if you want to find out what your customers like – or dislike – then that something is going to be customer feedback. So I’m going to show you 4 simple ways to get customer feedback, plus a couple free tools that you can use for this.

One way to get customer feedback is by creating surveys or questionnaires. You’ve probably taken a survey yourself at some point (I know I have), and there’s a good chance that it was powered by SurveyMonkey. This is a great tool for creating customer surveys, and it’s not the only one – there’s also SurveyAnyplace – which is a similar tool for building surveys, and they also have some interactive features that you can incorporate to make your survey experience a little more interesting. You can share surveys on your company’s social media channels or embed one in a blog post. Share it wherever you can to get as many responses as possible.

And e-mail is another way to get customer feedback. This is a pretty good one since with the right copy, you can make it feel personal, even if it’s an…

Watch video for details and tips!


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