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How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost? Here’s The Answer…

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How much do Facebook Ads cost?

This is one of the most difficult questions to answer, because your Facebook advertising costs are influenced by so many factors.

In our video, we go through the major factors influencing cost, sharing with you cost-per-click averages based on over 100 million in ad spend, and helpful tips on how you can reduce your FB ad cost!

For USA-based companies: Average CPC of Facebook Ads in the USA is currently (based on 2016 Q1 data): 27.4 cents
Average CPM per 1000 impressions for Facebook ads in the USA (based on 2016 Q1 data) is currently: $5.45 per 1000 impression

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Can you set an amount limit you want to pay?

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Boris Paing says:

Hi ! At 3:09 you say "you don't want to go above relevancy score 3", but I think you meant "frequency", right? Thanks for the video btw.

Bar Tech says:

If I was to open up a dropshipping store could I ship to Uk as well as USA ?

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Manolis Kalergis says:

Hello, Could you please tell me how much facebook "likes" cost?

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