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Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and many other APPS are going to be adding some new features in 2017.


Cheryl Mailloux says:

Ty for the video and the truth call ❤ your channel

Keep Learning says:

'They' are doing it on Instagram too.

nate m. says:

I was tweeting and sharing a lot of things that go along with things you expose on ur channel, my account was frozen! And I had to prove I wasn't a bot to get it back

DelaneWilson says:

Someone with the skills and the financial backing, needs to create a social network for truthers and real news, including vids documentary's, and real time social views and happenings in the world. YouTube is doing way too much. Preferably privately owned.

Light Warrior says:

This makes so much sense now, a lot of Instagram accounts have been deleted. Wonder what's going on there…

Pinche Pendejo says:

was't russianvids born a female ? and is pretending to be a transgender ?

John Bozz says:

A call you should check out the new snapchat map

Sharon Peckitt says:

In Australia every YouTube channel you go to with important info or updates has been removed its becoming pointless having internet heaven forbid if you try to find out what's going on.

MooBerry2009 says:

all they gotta do is stop using the app and then the app makers or whoever will lose money and then what they can't censor people who don't use their products andywas ion do social media except YT

ObjectiveIncision says:

Shit works both ways!

SecondComingTwice says:

I wonder if the string-pullers of the "social media" platforms realize that the labeling of "fake news" might be directed at something that they absolutely need us to believe?

We'd need to have a whistle-blower leak how the "number" of buttons pushed is decided or manipulated though. I trust those sites count about as much as I do Diebold and ES&S voting machines.

The slow awakening of people to their blinders and chains can't be stopped. Mark Zuckerberg's owner or owners lost already. There are plenty of people in the fight.

SecondComingTwice says:

I blame the Russians.

Kaleb Hardy says:

Jesus Christ is our savior and God our creator.

Fonzie Fonzarelli says:

LGBTQ is all conditioned behavior

Shari Hayward says:

I hope they do wake more people up. MAybe people will step away from their electronics to socialize

Optimal Supreme says:

AS I said Control

Travis Brown says:

Can anyone tell me that if Jesus comes back what it be like a deception or something because it's at what Lucifer wants to be like if there's going to be a false prophet that comes in the clouds or something please let men understand my lord

Travis Brown says:

A Call For An Uprising+ I think if they role out this button I will flag CNN, FOX NEWS, MSNBC, CSPAN… Two can play the role…

Charlieboy Saldivar says:

Appreciate the articles and news update, A CALL For An Upraising! Sadly some of your subscribers are still immature kids like, NUMB GUMS, Who thinks its funny to name call and consume alcohol to numb his emotions. He says the kind of stuff that a typical kid who doesn't know better would say. YOU get no real meaningful message from his rants, anyway, its best to just ignore those little brats but I didn't because I wanted to make an example out of him! I see a lot of like minded individuals like myself trying to educate this young kid and instead he lashes out like a kid without parental control, it is what it is. Anyways, Again, Thanks for your coverage of the world we live in! Your view points are very much so my own! God Bless you all!

Ariana Goncalves says:

What you say in the beginning about the seeds being planted re the gay agenda is so true one day I saw a movie that I saw as 12 year older and the two character dressed as a girl so the guy wouldn't notice them and back then I didn't think much of it bc who knew things would turn out to be like it is today…. I wasn't much into scripture too that's probably why I didn't think much of it but today I see wow that seed was being planted on people's mind right there!

PvtMadnage says:

If theres anyone who would like some official documents on stuff, head to my page.

PvtMadnage says:

I read an article last week about (i believe it was Instagram) that they are filtering out content that might trigger people.

Article was compiled on March 24th 2017

Shoaz don says:

Social media is their destruction and they know it and they cant take it

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Get paid for the tasks you do online