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Growth Hacking – Neil Patel – Pioneers Festival 2014

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Neil Patel, Co-Founder, Kissmetrics, @NeilPatel

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About Neil Patel
Being the co-founder of Kissmetrics and due to his vast knowledge and experience in Marketing 2.0, Neil is a well respected figure in the world of growth hacking. You need more traffic, more customers, more traction? Learn some of Neil’s tricks to rocket your startup to the next levels.

About Pioneers Festival
Pioneers Festival unites the most promising tech startups with the world’s top investors and executives at the Hofburg Imperial Palace in Vienna.

The 2 days unconventional tech conference is fueled by business meetings, inspiring innovations, founder stories, industry insights, successful collaboration cases and and amazing show.


The Pioneers500 program invites the 500 most promising early-stage tech startups to join Pioneers Festival for free and meet the world’s top investors, executives and journalists.


Oliver Osborne says:

That journo hack is brilliant.

Glen Izevbigie says:

The crowd is so dead.

Micah Buzan says:

Learning so much from this dude lately after launching my shopify store.


Neil, You are a awesome speaker, Crazy intelligent! l'm looking forward to picking your brain. I need some help with my site

Marcus Purdy says:

So many info, thanks! I am using Social Mule service and I am veeery satisfied! I got so many organic followers, even didn't realised when that happened! 😀


What an awesome speaker Neil is! Even if I'm watching this video in 2018, I can't feel any concept​ as old


Funny to watch a young #NeilPatel WITH hair. The Neil Patel of today is bald.

Клара Пономарева says:

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abubakar mohammed says:

why didn't I know this guy b4. he gives everything

The Gadgetman Groove says:

Wow! I just started capitalizing on social media for, as it's one of those things that sounds too good to be true. Thank you for all the help!

Coaching Comercial CIE Barcelona says:

Good tools to increase sales. Thanks!

Abhishek Mallik says:

Neil is great in his lane. However, I feel Gary is far better storyteller than Neil 😛

Denim James says:

This Video Can Make Your Business Millions.

Oscar Gonzalez says:

Wow… were those mannequins? no responses.

sonuEEE says:

fuck u patels are cheap

Roxie Rogiers says:

Great Job Neil… Thanks

Michel M says:

that's the worse speaker in the universe and I have seen bad, but this guy really sucks. who start a speech telling his audience that their weather sucks? I mean if he put it in funny way he might have win the audience but he said it in terrible way, since then he lost the audience. and why he has to call all Indians as cheap, if he's is cheap, respect the country and other people. anyway

Tony Swaby says:

Really? Know your customer. Do people not think for themselves anymore or have we gone back to the 1970's?

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