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FUTURE SOCIAL – 10 Trends Shaping The Evolution of Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing Trends That Could Make or Break Your Business in 2017
The social media landscape is changing so fast that most marketers struggle to keep up. To make things easier, we’ve distilled the many conversations we’ve been having with clients in recent months into 10 key trends you need to understand in order to improve your social ROI.
The most important thing about social media marketing isn’t always the tech. It’s the people.
3 Things where you will need to pay attention 2017 are:
1. The Facebook Internet
Facebook is dominating social media usage, video and advertising.
Think about that customer expectation when developing your Facebook marketing strategy and how much you can accomplish with customer engagement before they ever even think of visiting your boring corporate website.
2. Converged Social
The combination of Microsoft and LinkedIn will create innovations that will benefit marketers in some interesting ways, especially if professional social profiles become accessible and integrated within Microsoft 365 apps.
Imagine what it could mean to your content co-creation and influencer marketing efforts with the integration of the LinkedIn network to Office 365. Need an expert quote for a blog post, ebook or article? Right click.
3. Hot Video
By 2017, 85 percent of the Internet will be video. This changes how we produce, amplify and distribute content
Remember, everyone is media now armed with apps and a mobile phone
Real-time video is the hot shot on the block right now
If real-time video isn’t in your comfort zone, find someone who is comfortable with that kind of exposure and media creation. Then train them to be your social champion.
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Get paid for the tasks you do online