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Fun with Javascript on LinkedIn

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Let’s have some fun with Javascript. In this video, we will use javascript to accept all invitation at LinkedIn. It is a super simple 2 lines of code but the important thing is to learn steps.

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Mahathir Mohammad says:

your pc is toooo much fast

Sujith Reddy says:

An improvement would be to find the ajax call that retrieves these connection requests. Also find the ajax call that will be made when you click on one of the accept buttons. With these two requests we could just use JavaScript to accept all requests without needing a DOM.

Linuxian Samayun says:

youtube need add a haha react button 🙂

Ashwini Abhishek says:

Great series, practical examples generate more interest.

AS says:

Wow! one line code does so much.

B. Balakrishna says:

Really loved the video, you just showed how programmer's do fun

rock on says:

U r pro in it

Akash kukreja says:

Really nice & knowledgeable sir…
Loved it…

DrewDoor says:

i made the same script for my Facebook 😀

Piyush Pandey says:

We need more such videos

Sachin Rajyaguru says:

sir i like very much!

Emon das says:

wow!!! Great job sir

Niraj kumar says:

Sir, That selected element is not an array,its Node list.

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