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Bluetooth Beacons Social Media And Proximity Marketing To Drive Likes And Page Views

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Bluetooth beacons and Social Media have created quite the buzz in the entrepreneurs arena or niche. Proximity Beacons are great to drive Likes and Views.
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What You Will Learn
1. Why Bluetooth Beacons and Social Media?
2. What Are Proximity Beacons?
3. How to drive Traffic using Bluetooth Beacons?
4. DFY Vs DIY you make the choice…

Our bluetooth beacons are still available after the 6th and you can see them here.
Your Beacon Technology

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Eddystone-URL: A compressed URL that, once parsed and decompressed, is directly usable by the client.
As of December, 6th, 2018 the Eddystone Url is no longer supported by Google. The API for nearby and the physical webb app are still going to work after the 6th just not supported.
Read The Post From Google:

Our DIY training course is a video course that takes you over my shoulder step by step in setting up your Rad Dot Beacon

Our DFY Program
Let our technicians do it for you. We will program your beacon with your FB Page test it to make sure it is transmitting and all notifications are received. And shipped out via USPS to your door step ready to be turned on and share you Facebook page on autopilot !

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Get paid for the tasks you do online