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Automatically share WordPress posts on social media sites using Zapier

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This video explains how to configure Zapier to automatically share new WordPress posts to social media sites.

Zapier’s guide on setting up a connection to WordPress –

My PDF guide available here –


BaclibreMa says:

Great explanation. Thanks man!

Aaron Vigil says:

I'm getting the "(403) Forbidden Error" Any help???

juan guillermo gonzalez says:

I get an error " Bargle. We hit an error fetching a new post. 🙁 Error:
time data u'T::' does not match format '%Y%m%dT%H:%M:%S' "

Patrick Bianconi says:

This looks interesting.. Will it do WP posts to Instagram? Definitely worth a try, tons of Zaps! Will be testing this out soon. Thanks for sharing this..

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Get paid for the tasks you do online