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5 LinkedIn Tips That Will Help Recruiters Find You + 7 Fresh Social Media Updates

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Catch up on fresh updates from YouTube and Twitter, groundbreaking developments from Google, along with 5 LinkedIn tips to help you boost your profile – all this inside the episode 18 of #SocialRecap with Chia Luen Lee!


This week we talk about:
1. 01:04 – Twitter is letting users broadcast LIVE audio (and ONLY audio).
2. 01:47 – Google Assistant has become the first multilingual virtual assistant.
3. 02:26 – NEW Dataset Search Tool from Google to support researchers & journalists.
4. 02:57 – Is Google getting rid of the URL?
5. 04:22 – NEW Facebook Creator Studio to help Creators improve their content.
6. 04:52 – YouTube’s dark theme expanding to more Android users.
7. 05:27 – 5 LinkedIn tips to help you make meaningful connections that could lead to your next job.

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#SocialRecap, ep. 18 — September 19, 2018


Jan Barbosa says:

Greetings Chia !!! My beloved twitter got a lot of catching up… My Guess Twitch is the king of game streaming / Live video right now ( at least live gaming), Wonder how google assistant will work with regional accents. But making it bilingual is a good idea !!!

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