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5 Crazy Ways Social Media Is Changing Your Brain Right Now

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Your brain may never be the same!
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Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).

Further Reading–

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Just a Biscuit says:

if you see this comment…

good for you!

Swimmer Ethan says:

This is why I don’t have Instachat or snapgram

Andrea Sisavat says:

Question: Why do people fill their lives with lies instead the truth? Or Why do dreams and nightmares depend on what we feared and what we want to happen?

Austin Pape says:


Harmonical says:

This a song/video we just produced, called 'Communication Nation' . If you do, please like and share:

Sparky Runner says:

I believe you! I have let myself be used an Targeted ! But I think I will still use it for Educational courses an to order books an limit "what's app" to meet for dinner to a hand full of friends now! Thank you for the information !

Why Utripping says:

I stared with deleting my Facebook. Instagram is next. Social media is ruining our children

John Clark says:

Here is a short survey on Social Media, I would really appreciate if you took a few seconds to fill it out.

Ellie says:

HI, thank you so much for posting using markers to let my student learn thing, today we use you video and we are talking about phones are good or bad, it work really well and all my student all get the idea, thanks a lot! + I am a teacher!

Van Graham says:

who watching this on social media???

Dixie Townsing says:

my teacher made me watch this

Phương Lê Trần Hoàng says:

Can I have the transcript?
This is so remarkable <3

t100base says:

ig is turning women into bigger pieces of trash.

Hummer Studios says:

I'm addicted to social media

Aminah Celestine says:

For discussion posts and responses regarding this video reach me via email.

Solina Z says:

woah woah woah speak a little slower. i actually had to change my speed settings!!


selamün aleykum turk var mı

100YrsOldFetus says:

Im addicted to youtube, listening music, watching youtubers, reading comments

Arpa Sangma says:

very true . social media can be destru tive.

Florentin says:

Dopamine again???? First NoFap and now NoPhone????

rollex11 download says:

This concept is really perplexing to many people but already been proven to be beneficial.

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things to say.

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