Get paid for the tasks you do online
Word of mouth, referral from family or reliable friends and most importantly now, aggregated reviews play a powerful role in our purchase decision. Use social media to engineer and facilitate your customers’ journey. Reach the ones that are important to [More]
Today we cover different marketing tactics you can use to advertise on in 2018. We cover the different ways you can post, how to find profitable subreddits, the benefits of, what post karma / comment karma is, comment marketing, [More]
Mastodon is a “federated” social network that works like Twitter. It puts the control of data into the user’s hands, not in a single corporation. Mastodon uses ActivityPub to make sure that each Mastodon instance can reach the others. ActivityPub [More]
Knackmap founder Josh White introduces our newest venture – Planr. Find us on: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn:
Subscribe Now: Watch More: LinkedIn is an online professional network that keeps you connected to those interested in your qualifications. Find a hiring manager on LinkedIn with help from a social media strategist in this free video clip. [More]
You know that having a presence on social media is crucial to your brands success these days, but how can you possibly keep up with your endless to-do list and create more of the content you know you need? The [More]
The 3 biggest and most important social media trends in 2017🔥 We all know video marketing is a big one… But what other social media trends should marketers be on the lookout for? This video covers that and more! We’d [More]
The BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands ranking 2018 has been revealed. Hear from our team at Kantar Millward Brown UK on why brands are important and which brands stand out in this year’s Top 100. To find out [More]
The list of the world’s most valuable brands is out, and in 2018 there are a few firsts on the list. The Top Five have always been All-American. Not so this year…
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Get paid for the tasks you do online